Better Bedrock Block Mod MineCraft 1.5.2

Better Bedrock Block Mod is horrible! you can break the block?!…’ then followed by some swearing and the occasional slag. Please just tell me your thoughts and i’ll listen, if you post a rage comment it will be ignored and deleted.


Included in This Mod:

Bedrock Block
Bedrock Deposit (Bedrock Ore)
Bedrock Shard (Obtained by Bedrock Deposit)
Stuff to Come:
Bedrock Helmet
Bedrock Leggings
Bedrock Chestplate
Bedrock Boots
Bedrock Pickaxe
Bedrock Axe
Bedrock Hoe
Bedrock Sword
Bedrock Shovel
Bedrock Tipped Arrows
Bedrock Alternative Fuel
Bedrock Infected Biome
Bedrock Infected Trees
Bedrock Infused Potions
Bedrock Slabs
Bedrock Stairs
Bedrock Fence
Bedrock Glass Block
Bedrock Golem
-Youtube mod review
And much more!…
Crafting Recipe:
BS = Bedrock Shard
OB = Obsidian
NB = Nether Brick
LB = Lava Bucket
*See Picture Above As Well*
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