Cops and Robbers Map


  • When you are the cop, do not just kill everyone for no reason, that ruins the fun.
  • When you’re the cop, don’t keep the robbers in their cells, let them shower and eat as other stuff, otherwise, that ruins the fun.
  • Do not destroy and part of the map.
  • Don’t be a dick.
  • Play in a skype call/teamspeak, with no communication you basically break the map

Cops-and-Robbers-Map-1 Cops-and-Robbers-Map-2 Cops-and-Robbers-Map-3 Cops-and-Robbers-Map-4 Cops-and-Robbers-Map-5 Cops-and-Robbers-Map-6 Cops-and-Robbers-Map-7




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