Curls Texture Packs

Curls  Texture Packs

A more fanciful pack with softer edges. Totally backwards compatible. Works with 1.6, 1.5, 1.4 and earlier versions and has some stuff for FTB! Just remember that if you’re using FTB or the old MC launcher you need to the pack in the appropriate “textures” folder but if you’re using 1.6 ore newer you’ll need to put it in the “resource pack” folder.

Intended for a bit of fun, a pack with many curves and curls in it. Designed with a slightly more feminine gamer in mind, but worth a look for the giggle of Zombies and Skellies in armored bra, skirts and heels.

This is a work in progress pack, I’ll be updating it as I finish other blocks and images

1/7/14 First update of the new year! Starting to do stuff with the tinkerer’s construct, that is one seriously image intensive mod. I’ll occasionally just get into it and do an entire tool or something. I’ve got most of the pickaxe, just a few effects left to finish along with the casts (which will probably be left until the end). Most of the ftb stuff should be updated all the way to the unleashed pack now.

Author: LynnNexus

Curls (chain-mail bikini version) [16]

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