DreamCraft Mod

DreamCraft is a fully diverse modification to add more functions and add some new character to the game. It adds tool sets, some new blocks, and a couple of interesting items as well. The thing that makes DreamCraft stand out from the rest is some of the functions and crafting recipes it adds. A great example is StarStone, when this amazingly textured block gets broken it drops a dust called StarDust. When you combine StarDust and a Diamond, you can create a Nether Star. Now you don’t have to spend an extreme amount of time finding and slaughtering a Wither. There are other interesting functions that are added to the game as well.

DreamCraft Mod

Mod Details:
Blocks: SaphireOre,SaphireBlock,RubyOre,RubyBlock,MagnesiumOre, MagnesiumBlock,Mud,StarStone.
Items: MagnesiumIngot,SaphireIngot,Ruby,StarDust,Pearl.
Tools: RubyToolSet,MagnesiumToolSet,SaphireToolSet,DirtToolSet, StingBladeMultiTool
CreativeTabs: Ruby,Magnesium,Dirt,Saphire.
Crafting Recipies: All tool Crafting Recipies are the same as Vanillia Minecraft, Except for StingBlade. Dirt tools use Mud!

Author: Asap_Forever

1.6.4 DreamCraft_v1.0.2.zipMinecraft Mods

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