Ender IO Mod 1.7.2

Minecraft Mods EnderIO share as follows . EnderIO has been developed to eliminate the things I found frustrating as using FTB mod pack . At this stage , Ender IO provides the main function .

A compact set of power tubes , and the liquid Redstone ( items must go ) . The pipes can be combined in a single block space and is hidden by a facade system allows simple facade to appear as any other opaque blocks in the game , weather vanilla or mod other . The façade will be automatically hidden when a tool or pipe fitted to allow modification of your duct system without removing and replacing the facade . The energy pipeline construction support to Craft ( MJ ) and the fluid conduit support any liquid using the new Forge API services . The block and the Enderface EnderIO can be used in combination to interact with the computer inventory from anywhere in your same size . The expensive items , but tend your hive without constantly running back and forth to make it well worth while ! Tired of having a limited selection of stairs , fences , walls , gates ? The ‘ artist ‘ you can now make blocks appear as if they are made from perforated block any of the games (including the block from another mod ) , though it may look silly ! Stairs dirty ? Diamond block wall ? Even something reasonable …. Prime MJ Construction produce solar panels . Finally free electricity from the sun for all the support you MJ machine . Construction multiblock Prime MJ host . Store them much power as you want ! Electric light . No more torches on the floor ! Each electric light provides more than twice the coverage of a single torch .

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Conduits all bundled up and hidden away.

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Bundles, a closer look.

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Access your machines from  a distance with the Enderface.

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Fences, gates, walls, stairs and connected texture glass frames from any material you have a block


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MJ Storage, as much or as little you want, in any shape that works for you.

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A big room with torches = monster spawn paradise..

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The same area lit with a couple of electric lights. No more monsters!

Change log: 1.6.4
- #567 Improved server startup times when using large EnderIO power networks
- #580 Fixed infinite power when mixing TE and EIO conduits in certain ways
- #582 Dimensional Transceiver cannot be powered locally unless power mode is set to send
- #587 Crash placing Item Conduit between Iron Chest & Basic Project Bench
- #589 Work around for crash when using Better Furnace blocks as paint sources for facades.
- #591 Work around to avoid non reproducible crash.
- #592 Power monitor reports larger capacitor bank size
- #593 Crash when jumping on travel anchor while looking at an ‘Ender IO’ block
- #594 Changing equipped item causes FPS drop

Change log: Ender IO 1.1.alpha.23 for 1.7.2
Added pull/push modes for machine sides.
Supports pulling/pushing items and fluids from adjacent inventories / tanks.

Author: CrazyPants_MC

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1.6.2 EnderIO-1.6.2-



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