MarioCraft AllStar Texture Packs


MarioCraft AllStar Texture Pack… We all love this classic game, and we all love minecraft. So if you mix these together, you can imagine how cool the game gets. It uses original features and textures from the Mario game, and also the creator ‘WiiRool’ has created some brilliant blocks,items and mobs too that are strikingly similar to features from the Mario games.

Good things

  • Accurate textures
  • Features from the original game
  • Each mob has it’s own Mario edition identity
  • It re-creates the game in a very similar fashion

Bad things

  • A few glitches, which spoils the experience a bit
  • Some textures don’t fit the theme
  • The creator should fix numerous blocks so that they don’t appear glitched
  • Some blocks appear too bright

install MarioCraft Allstars Texture Pack

  1. Download MarioCraft AllStars Texture Pack for Minecraft  (May require the MCPatcher to fully enjoy the texture pack according to the creator, WiiRool)
  2. Go to your .minecraft folder then to the ‘texturepack’ folder
  3. Then ‘click’ and drag your downloaded item into the ‘texturepack’ folder
  4. Start Minecraft, then select MarioCraft Allstars Texture Pack.
  5. Enjoy playing Minecraft Super Mario AllStars edition!

Version: Minecraft 1.7.4

Resolution: 32×32

MarioCraft AllStars 1.7

MarioCraft AllStars 1.4.7

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