GravyCraft Resource Pack


Minecraft Resource Pack Name: GravyCraft Resource Pack Minecraft Author: Nailaoball Minecraft Category: Minecraft Resource Pack Compatible with Minecraft: 1.7.10, 1.7.2 Download Resource … [Read more...]

Wayukian Resource Pack 1.7.9


Wayukian Resource Pack is an incredibly amazing pack that I immediately liked after seeing the screenshots. Pack is very nicely sketched, very smooth blocks and mobs drawn just great! Very bright and … [Read more...]

Ferocious Resource Pack 1.7.9


Despite the fact that Ferocious Resource Pack is not yet fully finished but it does make sense to talk about it because of the its original and unique style. This resurspak made ​​in HD, specifically … [Read more...]

TrekMine Texture Pack


TrekMine Texture Packs is a Star Trek theme, but has been modified to support the Doctor Who TARDIS plugin. This pack works very well on most Star Trek themed maps, and is the Offical pack of the … [Read more...]

Halfcraft Texture Pack


So I'm pretty bad at threads and screenshots, but, uh, here goes. This is an 8x texture pack, fully done up. Mostly faithful to the original? Except for the GUIs. Grey rectangles bluh.  Here you … [Read more...]

Lord of the Rings Resource Pack


Lord of the Rings Resource Pack is based on The Lord of the Rings* trilogy (obviously). I realise that there are many other LOTR themed resource packs out here. What makes this one special? In this … [Read more...]