Redstone Extreme Map

Introduction Redstone Extreme Minecraft Map All Version 

Don’t let the main screenshot fool you, that is just 1 small part of the map…

Was used: motion sensor, optimized arrow detector, eye sensor, day-night sensor, command block,
wireless remote lighting, double sided (front and back) piston hidden door, self running 2 way elevator up and down!

Piston swimming pool, redstone eproom, redstone memory, piston memory, redstone relaise, redstone timer,
piston timer, redstone counter, piston counter.

Piston machine, digital displays, real time clock with tick-sound, compact sand door, pistonless T-Flip Flops,
hidden basement stairs, Lava trap door, hidden lava bridge, minecraft mini games, small redstone tutorial and more…

Seed: -3734027323760801476


Redstone-Extreme-Minecraft-Map-11 Redstone-Extreme-Minecraft-Map-12 Redstone-Extreme-Minecraft-Map-13 Redstone-Extreme-Minecraft-Map-14 Redstone-Extreme-Minecraft-Map-15 Redstone-Extreme-Minecraft-Map-16 Redstone-Extreme-Minecraft-Map-17 Redstone-Extreme-Minecraft-Map-18 Redstone-Extreme-Minecraft-Map-19 Redstone-Extreme-Minecraft-Map-1 Redstone-Extreme-Minecraft-Map-2 Redstone-Extreme-Minecraft-Map-3 Redstone-Extreme-Minecraft-Map-4 Redstone-Extreme-Minecraft-Map-5 Redstone-Extreme-Minecraft-Map-6 Redstone-Extreme-Minecraft-Map-7 Redstone-Extreme-Minecraft-Map-8 Redstone-Extreme-Minecraft-Map-9 Redstone-Extreme-Minecraft-Map-10


  1. fantomdragon1 says:

    how do i get the map???

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