StarWars Mod Minecraft

StarWars Mod involves players choosing a faction (for example Jedi, Sith etc.) and trying to become the most powerful being in the universe. The player can find new ores underground, craft weapons like lightsabers and blasters, level up, unlock special equipment and force powers, kill enemies (different for each faction), buy things from the virtual shop and local markets, visit new planets (such as Tatooine, Coruscant etc.) and create bases thanks to Minecraft’s code.

StarWars Mod Minecraft 1.5.1/1.5.2 Installation:

Make sure you have Minecraft Forge installed

  • 1) Click Start and write in the search bar: %appdata%
  • 2) Go into .minecraft
  • 3) Go into bin and open minecraft.jar with a software like WinZIP
  • 4) Delete the “META-INF” folder inside minecraft.jar
  • 5) Open the directory called “PUT in minecraft.jar” of the StarWars mod (this directory should be in this ZIP file)
  • 6) Select all the files (and directories) and drag them into minecraft.jar
  • 7) Open the directory called “PUT in .minecraft” and drag all the files (and directories) into your .minecraft folder
  • 8) Launch Minecraft and try all the new features of this awesome mod!



  • Cleaning packets code
  • Updating the mod to MC 1.5.2
  • SAMS also spawn if you are on peaceful
  • Spawning structures on mustafar (new terrain block, 2 lava facilities, light decorations, sith temples, good way for spawning structures, spawning mobs inside structures)
  • 2 new mobs: Mustafarians (nord and south)
  • Forge report: no more leaked worlds
  • Activating special characters spawn system (Yoda and KitFisto)
  • add commands for server-side disabling worlds
  • Made the planet dimensions 100% Forge compatible
  • Minimap in the pause menu
  • Adding yoda as special character
  • Server sends chunk info to clients
  • Server saves chunk info
  • new mob: Lava flea
  • Special Characters spawning system (the hashmap is static and loads at the beginning of the game)
  • add command for server-side enabling worlds
  • Adding dewbacks on Tatooine (rock desert)
  • New mob: small droid which collects lava and and be walked on
  • New planet: Mustafar (terrain and lava downfalls)
  • Clone: sniper rifle class
  • Improving AI for shooters (clones and droids)
  • 2 new blasters (DX-13 and DC-15A)
  • Using new texture for scopes
  • New Force Powers System
  • making first power: throwing the lightsaber
  • making first power (B. Hunter): invisibility
  • Upgrading Force Power GUI
  • New AI for mobs
  • Dewbacks riddable
  • PSU (Power Network Storage Unit)
  • changing endor wood with default one
  • FIX: player EOFException while going into nether/end
  • FIX: Dimensions now unload correctly when unused
  • FIX: panning droids are making the Mustafar really lagging + mobs are spawning too much
  • FIX: black lightsaber crafting recipe
  • FIX: SAMS maping bug
  • FIX: Schematic problem on tatooine
  • FIX: fixing teleport which places you in lava!
  • FIX: rendering healthbar
  • FIX: rendering multiplayer menu
  • FIX: When you change faction level is 0, credits is 0, spendable points are 0, powers are refreshed
  • FIX: when you rejoin you don’t get the levels of the powers!
  • FiX: droideka shield
  • FIX: cable in crafting isn’t the real cable item
  • FIX: EOFException in server
  • IMPORTANT FIX: Failed to save player data for

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