The Butcher Mod 1.6.4

The Butcher Mod for 1.6.4 changes the way you get meat by adding butcher tools to the game. Instead of getting meat directly from killing animals, you will get their carcasses upon death. You can then hang them up, skin them, butcher them, smoke them, and cook them.

The Butcher1

This Minecraft mods replaces the normal drops of cows chickens and pigs with an item version of them. You must then hang the dead cow/chicken/pig on a meat hook and use a filet knife to skin them then use a cleaver to obtain the meat/leather/feathers that they would normally drop. Make sure you build a freezer with ice blocks if you plan on storing your meat, if you don’t it will rot very quickly after being placed, alternatively you can smoke them with lava which will also preserve them. Ice blocks must be directly touching the animal or lava can be up to 5 blocks below it to prevent rot. Meat will eventually rot if you carry it around with you, so place it in an ice chest to preserve it. You can now also cook your animals on a spit over a fire! To cook your animal right click the prop and the animal will start to rotate. If you don’t have it rotating it will burn, you can also skin your animal on a hook first then take it off and put it on a spit to cook it faster than animals that still have skin. You can also kill zombies and hang them on meat hooks.

You must then hang the dead animal on a meat hook and use a filet knife to skin them then use a cleaver to obtain the meat. The meat must then be preserved by either freezing it or smoking it.

Credits: jerielsr1

The Butcher 1.6.4

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