So always creates a backup copy of savegames and minecraft.jar so you can return to the original state of your game later.

Minecraft Mods Install Without Mod Installer

Most mods for Minecraft are available without the reinforced ModInstaller , which has meanwhile become standard in many modifications.

  • Have you downloaded such a mod, you shipped first the .zip directory on your desktop (This step is not mandatory, but facilitates the clarity)
  • Unzip the directory with Winrar or Winzip
  • Via the start menu you choose now the command “Execute”
  • The prompt appears, in which you enter “% appdata%” (without quotation marks)
  • The Explorer opens and you select the .minecraft folder
  • Next, go to the .bin folder where the file “minecraft” should be located
  • Select this file with a right-click and open it with an extraction program ( WinZip , WinRAR )
  • The data of the Mod, which are stored on the desktop, are now drawn into the open minecraft.jar
  • Deletes the META-INF in the minecraft.jar after copying

Done, the Minecraft Mod of your choice has been installed correctly.

Minecraft Mods install without ModInstaller

Minecraft mods install with ModInstaller

The Minecraft Mod Installer makes installing mods incredibly easy and comfortable.
  • After the download you unzip the .zip-directory on your desktop and start the folder .exe-file “Installer Only Windows”
  • Follow the instructions of the installer and ignore possible installation warnings when it is pointed out that your Minecraft is already modded
  • In the menu window now select the mod to be installed and in no time is your mod installed
  • Play – Go!
Games are just a composition of many pixels and codes. But in these pictures here the games are hardly recognizable anymore. Or does it?